Halo Global Distribution is a manufacturing company which specializes in producing technological gadgets and accessories for: smart phones, cellular phones and tablets, specially for the fashion industry.

With over 18 years of experience in the field we are a leading force in  gadget and accessories industry. Our offices in Spain and China, work closely with our own teams within the different factories we work with, this way we can manage  production lines and guarantee the highest standards. Quality control and packaging takes place at our main factory and office in China. In this facility we produce most of the the packaging for the 18 brands we work with, most of them with international retail space.

Our headquarters in China are located in Shenzhen. The factory has more than 400 employees and has capacity to produce over 10M units a year.
In our outmost pursuit for perfection and research in the field we were awarded with the BSCI certificate (Business Social Compliance Initiative) we comply with all the international quality standards certified by SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance).

Increasing demand of our products brought us to create working agreements with more than 10 manufacturers on site in China, allowing us to produce and develop any kind of item required by our clients. Each of these factories is specialized in one specific kind of product, thus guaranteeing the highest quality. These factories, comply with the BSCI certificate and are audited by SGS, as a requirement from our own clients.

These accords facilitates us in responding to the most specific demands of every single client, providing personalized service at the highest levels.


Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Dolores Promesas are examples of brands we cooperate with, we produce and provide not only for their own retail as well as holding the license to commercialize their goods all over the world.

We posses the same license agreements for most of the Spanish fashion designers who participate the MBFW (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week), such as Juan Duyos, Roberto Torretta or Juanjo Oliva among others.

agatha dolores

We also cooperate through cobranding with several worldwide technology known  brands,  introducing  these  goods  for retail, such as Lumio, Huawei or Xperia and developing limited editions with different fashion brand designers.



Fashion and technology constantly evolving and strongly related, are a fundamental  part of our daily lives. Nowadays, everybody has a cell phone or smartphone (some even have more than one) as well as as tablets.
The number of gadgets and complements related to cell phones is endless and that is when our work pays off, we offer an immense variety of possibilities in terms of products guaranteeing the highest standards in the industry.
Complementing a mobile phone with an exclusive gadget such as an outstanding fashionable designed case by our favorite brand is very common these days.

Furthermore, we also offer other unique products such as high end design headphones, stylish wooden speakers for inner ambiences, portable chained leather USB’s, aluminium earphones and so on, which help increase the presence of these brands on our daily life.

The fact that makes this a booming business, is that all fashion powerhouses and brands have included technological goods within  their array of products for retail.


Our goal is to develop new product lines for the brands we work with, helping them increase both their revenues and awareness of their brandname worldwide. These products are affordable and they can reach new market segments and thus have a higher presence in the market.
These goods are also a bridge that makes the brands more accessible, serving as marketing tools due to high exposure; while we talk on the phone, we listen to music, take pictures or use our tablets to surf the web.
Our main goal is to, with our experience, cooperate and work side by side with our clients and create new product categories.

With more than 6 years of experience developing goods for more than 18 brands, we are now an important and notable asset in the fashion industry, as we are specialized and fully committed to developing new and existing products within our specialty.

In 2016, we expect to continue the positive trend and keep increasing our catalogue with our existing customers whilst we continue to grow in this industry.


C/ Darwin,15, bajo 3B
Sta Cristina, Oleiros - 15172 - La Coruña

+34 619 738 300


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